Upcoming Events at Pleasant Heights Baptist Church

Well, 2022 is off to a fast and furious start.


3rd- Academy resumes classes

12th – Annual Business Meeting

17th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day/ No school

21st – End 1st Quarter for the Academy


8th- Ladies’ Tea at Terri’s (6 pm)

11th – Valentine’s Banquet (6:30)

19th- Men’s Prayer Breakfast (8:30 am/ L & B Donuts)

21st- President’s Day/ No school


4th- End 3rd Quarter for the academy

8th- Ladies’ Tea at Terri’s (6 pm)

13th- Daylight Savings time

19th- Men’s Prayer Breakfast (8:30 am/ L & B Donuts)

25th- Teacher’s In Service/ No School

25th, 26th – Ladies’ Retreat in Sugar Creek

27th- Friends Day and dinner on the grounds after morning service


3rd- Ryan Overfelt – Missionary to Ministry Children

5th- Advisory Board Meeting (7 pm)

12th- Ladies’ Tea at Terri’s (6 pm)

13th- Business Meeting

14th – 17th- Easter Break for the Academy

16th- Men’s Prayer Breakfast (8:30 am)

17th- Easter Sunday

18th- Academy resumes classes

24th – 27th – Annual Faith Promise Missions Conference


1st- Faith Promise turned in

6th- Mothers’ Day Banquet (6:30 pm at church)

8th- Mothers’ Day

14th- Men’s Prayer Breakfast (8:30 am)

29th- Memorial Day Sunday

30th- Memorial Day


3rd- Last Day of School

4th – High School Graduation

14th- Ladies’ Tea at Terri’s (6 pm)

18th- Fathers’ Day Outing

19th- Fathers’ Day


3rd- Independence Day Sunday

5th- Advisory Board Meeting

13th- Business Meeting

16th- Mens’ Prayer Breakfast (8:30 am)

18th – 22nd- Vacation Bible School

24th- VBS Graduation (6 pm)


20th- Mens’ Prayer Breakfast (8:30)

26th – 27th – Soul Winning Neighborhood Outreach (1:30 – ?)


2nd- Begin Cottage Prayer meetings

5th- Labor Day

6th – Academy begins

13th- Ladies’ Tea at Terri’s (6 pm)

17th- Mens’ Prayer Breakfast (8:30)


4th- Advisory Board meeting 3rd- 8th- Revival Services

10th- Columbus Day/No school

15th- Mens’ Prayer Breakfast (8:30)

19th- Business Meeting

22nd- Annual Harvest Festival Outreach


6th- Veterans Appreciation Sunday

Day Light Savings Day

8th- Ladies’ Tea at Terri’s (6 pm)

11th- Veteran’s Day

19th- Mens’ Prayer Breakfast (8:30)

20th- Thanksgiving Soup & Sandwiches after AM service

24th- 25th – Thanksgiving Break for the Academy

24th- Thanksgiving Day


9th- Christmas Banquet (6:30 pm/ L & B Donuts)

14th- Business Meeting for election of officers

18th- Christmas Play (AM Service)

21st- Christmas Caroling (instead of Wednesday  evening service)

22nd- Academy Christmas break begins

31st- New Year’s Ever Party (7 pm – 10)