Church Ministries

Pleasant Heights Baptist Church has a variety of ministries to be involved in.

  • We have a Sunday School class for all ages, including a nursery for the little ones. We know that each age group learns on a different level and we want everyone to be able to learn as much as possible about the God we serve and the book we love, that blessed old book, the Bible.
  • We have a Junior Church ministry where children ages 4 – 12 can be taught biblical truths in a church service that is taught on their learning level. The Junior Church is a place where the children will learn to sing praises to the Lord and hear sound biblical teaching, with a little fun thrown in. The kids love being quizzed about what they have learned that day and on basic Bible knowledge. Our goal for this ministry is to teach the truths of the Bible and also to prepare the kids to sit in the regular service when they reach that age.
  • We have a teen ministry with a goal of equipping our young people to survive in today’s world. We love our teens and want them to know that they are loved and needed. We do frequent fun activities.  We also take them soul winning and to revival meetings and such at churches of like faith and doctrine.
  • We have a soul winning and visitation ministry. We believe it important to visit those who have missed services, those who may be ill, or those who may be struggling, just to encourage them. We also feel it is important to visit our first-time attenders just to let them know that we were glad they came and to answer any questions they may have about us. We do canvassing, where we will knock on doors in a neighborhood and invite folks to our church and look for an opportunity to share salvation with someone who may be lost. This outreach program is vital to the health and growth of the church.
  • We have a prayer ministry. This so important. On Wednesday evenings we have a time of prayer for those in need. We also regularly pray for our widows and widowers, those we know who have cancer, and our military.
  • In September of 2020, we opened a Christian School that uses the ACE School of Tomorrow curriculum.