Children Ministries

Pleasant Heights Baptist Church is a church that loves children and desires to see them come to know the Lord and learn to grow in His grace. Our children’s ministries include Sunday School classes and Junior Church where your children will be taught Bible stories and truths from the Word of God. They will be taught by experienced teachers that love the Lord.

In October of 2015 we had our first annual Fall Festival as an outreach to the folks in the neighborhood. We saw many boys and girls come. They had a good time, played lots of games, ate a hot dog and other treats, and were shown that Pleasant Heights Baptist Church loves them and cares about them. We also had folks that shared the Gospel with those who came and seven people were saved. Praise the Lord! Each year we spend months getting ready to make our Fall Festival a success and God has blessed our efforts.  Each year we have more volunteers than the last, new games built to be played, people saved and families becoming faithful to church as a result.

In June our Juniors will be going to Camp Faith in West Virginia .  It is a great time for the kids. So many activities to keep them busy, so many new friends to make, and so much to learn about the Lord. There is swimming (girls and boys separate), ball games, and so much more. The music and preaching are godly and powerful. What more could you ask for?

In July, the 20th through the 24th, is our marvelous, stupendous, Vacation Bible School.  Any and every kid over four years old is welcome. There is lots of fun, lots of singing, and lots of learning about the Lord. This year’s theme is Round Up for Jesus. We sing songs to Jesus and see funny skits and play some great games. The kids also have a chance to earn points for things like bringing visitors, bringing their Bibles, and memorizing Scripture. There are lots and lots of cool prizes awarded for the kids who earned the most points. Everyone has a great time!

Children are such an important part of the ministry here at Pleasant Heights. We love them and want to encourage them to love and serve the Lord early in life. We encourage them to get involved in a ministry even as children. We have young men that serve as Junior Ushers, and children that are a part of our music ministry. You are never too young (or old) to serve the Lord.