Teen Ministries

At Pleasant Heights Baptist Church we love our teenagers. We have a Sunday School class aimed especially at growing our teens in the love and admonition of the Lord. We teach them Biblically sound precepts using the 1611 Kings James Bible to do so. Currently Bro. Scott is teaching on why we are Baptist. It has been very interesting and the teens are learning why we believe what we believe.  One thing that we like to stress to our teens is not to just sit back and take somebody’s word for the truth without investigating and seeing what the Word of God says is the truth. We also want our teens to understand how important it is to put what you learn from the Word of God into practice. We offer them opportunities to be soul winners and we take them to revivals and meetings with other churches of like faith and standards so that they can hear the same Gospel they hear at home from other sources and know that the truths they are being taught are not just coming from the pulpit at Pleasant Heights Baptist Church but other pulpits as well and they can see that they are not alone in what they believe.  We also frequently get together just for fun and fellowship and to encourage each other. On Saturday, October 8th, went to a youth rally at Columbiana Baptist Church. On Saturday, October 29th, was our 2nd Annual Harvest Festival. One of our teens, Hannah Fitch, helped paint a huge Goliath for one of our Festival games. Saturday, November 19th we will be going to another Youth Rally. This one will be held in New Galilee, PA. They will be serving us a turkey dinner, we will hear some preaching, and have some video game competitions.  We are busy, busy, busy.