Juniors (Grades 3-4)

May 19, 2012 in Children Ministries

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Our Juniors are awesome. They just came back from Camp Victory in Somerset, Kentucky. There was fun, fun, and more fun. But the best part of all is that two of our campers asked Jesus to be their personal Savior, and another one helped lead another camper to Christ, and won the trophy for¬†memorizing the most verses for the week. Oh, and Philip set the record for distance on the ‘Butt Buster’, a water slide made out of corrugated plastic water pipes with a mud pit at the bottom. But there were lots of challenging messages in chapels and lots of tender hearts responding to the Holy Spirit. This Monday, July 20th, starts VBS. Lots more fun and learning about the Lord. We like to keep our Juniors busy, busy, busy, and challenged to serve God.