Discipleship is key to the growth and the future of any church. We are highly motivated to pass on those things that we most surely believe to those that come behind us. New converts need to be taught and shown the, “how to’s” of the faith. Many times, as a result of descipling someone we see people catch the vision of soul winning, rather than learning just the academics of it. While it is obviously important to know “how” to lead someone to the Lord, it is also important to have a burden for the unsaved. That is something that we strive to instill in our new converts. Discipleship is most often a matter of mentoring, showing by example.

 Our main goal is to love and serve the Lord with all of our heart, mind and strength…Mark 12:30, and to influence others to do the same.  We strive to teach our people obedience to the principles of God’s Word and to practice the spiritual disciplines of Bible study, prayer, fellowship, worship, and stewardship through the preaching and teaching the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation and by being a godly example.